Here is an updated list of all the Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) Titles coming out over the next few months. This is just what is currently being planned, newer courses could also be added in the future. An interesting thing I learned about the course numbers.

  • Courses that begin with 10xxx are considered MOC but are not aligned to exams.
  • Courses that begin with 20xxx are considered MOC and are aligned with a corresponding exam.
  • Courses that begin with 40xxx are created by Microsoft Learning, but are not considered MOC.
  • Courses that begin with 50xxx are Community Courseware that is not affiliated with Microsoft Learning.

You will notice under the Windows Server section that there will be three new Windows Server 2016 courses. Currently there is not a course number assigned for these, but there will be three associated MCSA 2016 exams focusing on Storage & Computing, Networking, and Identity & Security.

20696C will be a replacement for the 10747 System Center Config Manager course that is being retired on August 1, 2016.

For the SQL Server courses you will notice the new series of 2076x courses that will have associated exams and will be version neutral. Many of these courses are going from 5 days to either 3 or 4 day courses. Also, it looks like the SQL Server courses are being re-ordered again. I do not know how this will effect the MCSA/MCSE certifications, but I am trying to track that information down.

20347A will be a replacement for the 20346D Managing Office 365 course that is begin retired on June 15, 2016. Just like the 20346, the 20347 is meant to be geared to two separate exams.

The 20345-1 and 20345-2  Exchange 2016 courses will be geared towards just a single exam that will qualify for the MCSE: Messaging.

Two new courses 40368 Mobility and 40369 Cloud are being introduced that are tied to the corresponding MTA exams.