Future Proof Your Skills

 Click here for my interview with Microsoft Learning on planning for the future and steps people can take to prepare for an unpredictable industry. We are now in the Age of Disruption. every industry needs to be ready to adapt to change quicker and quicker. Those who can not adapt will not survive. For those in the IT industry, that change is happening at an even quicker pace. You can no longer be an expert on the same product for 10-15 years. If you are not learning and moving forward, you are losing ground.

MVP Summit 2016

15027402_1308799452471641_3949078490960710061_n I am so thrilled to be attending my first MVP Summit. I would love to say more about it, but there are signs everywhere reminding everyone about violating their Non-Disclosure Agreement. I think it is alright to mention that since I am a Data Platform MVP, I may have learned some stuff about SQL Server, PowerBI, and Linux. (I will let you figure that last one out on your own.) Anyway, at the Monday Night Welcome Reception all the MVPs from the United States got together for a group photo and we all sang the National Anthem. If you are trying to find me, I am on the left staircase right behid the brown column.