Ignite Attendee Celebration

ctj2sfywcaa2zry Now that was a great party at Centennial Park. I had a nice view from atop the Ferris Wheel looking down on 23,000 of my closest techie friends. Not going to lie, I did eat two turkey legs. I mostly sat back and listened to the live band and enjoyed the great fall evening in the host city of Atlanta. I have heard rumors that next year Microsoft Ignite will be held in Orlando. I know I will definitely be back.

The 2016 Krewe Photo

ctm1bluxyaamahi Every year, The Krewe gets together at noon on Tuesday in front of the New Horizons booth for our annual picture. And I have no idea why I am looking in a different direction than everyone else. New this year at the Ignite conference were the BeamBots, for people who could not make the trip to Atlanta. Of course, The Krewe hijacked them all for the photo to get a truly international picture. In case you are wondering, The Krewe is a loosely based group of international techies who attend a lot of conferences. You can find them on Twitter @TheKrewe or on Facebook somewhere.