Class Distribution

12yearsclasses I could only go back 12 years, but I was curious what percentage of my students took each of my classes. If I could have included 2000-2003, I am sure there would have been a little more Visual Basic. I think the Office classes are over-represented since those were only 1 day classes, while the other courses were typically 5 days. I believe in my Statistics course that would be called a lurking variable.

Instructor of the Year 2015

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It was truly an honor to be select as one of the Top 25 New Horizons Technical Instructors of the Year. Obviously, I did not earn this by myself. Thank you to the great crew at New Horizons of Indianapolis who make sure everything runs smoothly. That may be the reason that New Horizons Indianapolis was named Top 3 Large Market Center of the Year. Of course it also helps that all THREE Technical Instructors and one of our Applications Instructors made the Top 25 list.