Data Amp Webinar

 This coming Wednesday, April 19 at 8AM Pacific Time (click for your local time), Microsoft will be hosting a major on-line event of interest to anyone working with big data, analytics, and artificial intelligence: Microsoft Data Amp.

During Data Amp, Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie and Corporate Vice President Joseph Sirosh will share how Microsoft’s latest innovations put data, analytics and artificial intelligence at the heart of business transformation. The event will include exciting announcements that will help you derive even more value from the cloud, enable transformative application development, and ensure you can capitalize on intelligence from any data, any size, anywhere, across Linux and other open source technologies.

Passed 70-764

 Finally received my scores from the 70-764 Beta Exam I took back in January. Passing score of 874 which is not too shabby. I guess I could also add that I took the exam while on my lunch break during the week I was teaching the class for the 4th or 5th time. But I won’t do that, because then I would just be bragging.

SQL Saturday Atlanta #578

Attached is my presentation on SQL Server Certification that will be presented at SQL Saturday Atlanta: BI Edition this weekend. I have also provided useful links in getting certified on SQL Server.

Big Data Challenge

4cc185686a079d35c724b7bb83a6667fI completed the Know It, Prove It challenge and earned the Microsoft Virtual Academy Big Data badge. Whether you’re a Developer, Data Pro, or student, you can learn valuable skills quickly and correctly through video tutorials, assessments, and more. From now until December 14th you too can choose from one of three learning challenges that takes less than 12 hours to complete. Sign up now!

Microsoft Tech Community

tech This has been rumored for some time, but it now seems that Microsoft’s latest iteration of online community is live. Launched on September 2nd, but in beta testing for months, the Microsoft Tech Community asserts to bring multiple communities together in a central location. Sound familiar? That’s essentially what Microsoft did by ending 5 different conferences and merging them into Microsoft Ignite.

Microsoft Exam Prep Course

CqjlDoYUkAAbvxx Are you interested in becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)? Getting ready for a Microsoft Certification exam? Then you already know that having the requisite content knowledge is only part of the complete picture. You also need practical, hands-on technology skills and strong test-taking strategies.In this on-demand Microsoft Certification exam prep session quickly ramp up on what you need to know to conquer Microsoft Certifications. Find out what they are, who they’re for, and how to become a better test-taker. Take a look at different kinds of questions and how to be prepared for them. Plus, get details on special deals, pricing, and registration, along with next steps in your Microsoft Certification journey.

Database Engine Rankings

dbengines Whenever I am teaching a database class it seems I always get the question of what is the most popular Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). I always refer to the DB-Engine Ranking monthly trend website. The problem is I keep forgetting where the website is located. So for myself and for my students I am putting a link here. So I have it as a quick resource. As you can see, Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server lead the group by a wide margin. With 14 of the top 25, RDBMS still seems to be the ruler of databases.

Free SQL Server 2014

12472733_10154081704389932_4375298153583110032_n Exciting news! Starting today, SQL Server 2014 Developer Edition is now a free download for Visual Studio Dev Essentials members. Microsoft is making this change so that all developers can leverage the capabilities that SQL Server 2014 has to offer for their data solution, and this is another step in making SQL Server more accessible. SQL Server Developer Edition is for development and testing only, and not for production environments or for use with production data.

SQL Saturday – Chicago

484ChicagoHeaded up to SQL Saturday – Chicago for another SQL Saturday. Attached are my powerpoints for my presentation on what you need to know about working with SQL Server Data Types. I will focus on the differences between character data types, working with implicit vs. explicit conversions and using conversion functions. I have my schedule built out for all the sessions I want to attend. I’ve been wanting to see some of these for awhile, but I always seem to be speaking at the time.

  • Turbo Charged Transaction Logs – David Maxwell
  • Regular Expressions for the DBA – Sean McCown
  • Lock, Block, and Two Smoking Barrels – Mark Broadbent
  • Are you Optimistic about Concurrency – Kalen Delaney
  • What is your Character Data Type – John Deardurff
  • Monitoring Counters That Count – Jimmy May
  • Indexes and SARGability – Jared Karney