Currently Reading #1

This year I thought I would start blogging about the non-technical books that I am reading in my spare time. You will probably see a lot of books on history, baseball, and science fiction. The first book is one that has been on my bookshelf for a very long time that I finally got around to reading.¬†An excellent alternate history on when the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Japan… or should I say did not drop it. A thunderstorm damages one of only two atomic weapons in the American arsenal. It will take time to rebuild it and there are those who are second guessing whether it would be good for humanity to unleash such a violent weapon. Instead, Truman decided to launch an invasion of Japan instead. Using actual historical documents, Alfred Coppel pieces together the American offensive as well as how Japan would have defended itself if this had been the actual history of the end of the second World War.

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