Passed Economics

 Well look at that. I am a competent manager when it comes to Global Economics. I’ll be honest it was more difficult than I was expecting. But I passed and now it is on to the Accounting course. Now that should be some exciting reading.

MBA: Second Term

Time to start my second term for my MBA:IT at Western Governor’s University. I’ve actually been reading ahead on the Global Economics, but there is a lot of material. I’m hoping to have that exam passed by the end of June. I have not even looked at the Accounting course. But I am pretty sure there is going to be math… and we are not friends.

WGU Excellence Award

 I didn’t even know there was such a thing. But apparently, my paper for my marekting class won the WGU Excellence Award for April. The email I received stated: Congratulations!  Your recent submission for Marketing has been selected by the WGU Evaluation faculty for recognition due to the exceptional nature of the work you submitted. The evaluator shared the following about your Task 1 submission: The document exemplifies effective marketing and business research through the introduction of two new services in the global environment. An informative report rich with ideas that demonstrate the need and process of going global delivers an interesting and engaging read.

MBA – Third Month

Passed my “Managing Human Capital” exam and have finished the first term objectives for my MBA three months early. Which means I can start working on my second term earlier. I will have two Marketing courses and an Accounting course. I am sure to find those more interesting.

Passed Project Management

Two months and several long papers later, I finally finished that IT Project Management course. One more class to finish the first term of my MBA. (Exam scheduled for next Saturday.) One thing I have learned is I do not want to be a Project Manager when I grow up. If anyone reading this is taking the IT Project Management (MGT2) course, here are my papers for all three tasks to give you an idea of what needs to be accomplished.

MBA: First Course Finished

Well, I am off and running on my Masters of Business Administration degree from Western Governors University. Finished my first course, Managing Organizations and Leading People. I was required to write two papers, the first I evaluated my fictional boss Roscoe P. Coltrane on his leadership style. The second paper, I had to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses based off a profile from the book,  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Next up is IT Project Management with three papers that I need to complete. It will probably take 5-6 weeks as I need to start off by reading A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

Final College Update

wguSo I have not done a college update in about 6 months. Due to a few work projects, I had to push back my last two classes. The Integrated Science class took about 3 months to get through, just because of the sheer amount of information in the class. I really enjoyed that class and finally passed it about a month ago. The Probability and Statistics was a little more of a challenge to stay focused. But I finally passed it today. Which means I have now finished my College Degree in Information Technology. Thank you again to all those who encouraged and inspired me over the last two years to take on this awesome challenge. Now I need to catch up on some of my Microsoft Certifications.

November College Update

WGU Indiana

Finally had a week to finish up some of my College courses. Decided to work on my Technical Writing course and Capstone Project.  The Technical Writing course was to submit a proposal and outline the planning phases of my Capstone Project. The purpose of the project was to upgrade an Exchange Server 2003 messaging environment to an Exchange Server 2010 infrastructure. I also created a PowerShell script to automate the process of mailbox management. The Capstone phase was to actually complete the project and modify the original proposal to outline the finished product. I was able to finish and pass both of these during the last week.

In addition, I was also able to take my Principles of Management exam, which I scored an 83%. So I am now down to my final two courses. I have a couple of work related projects over the next month, but hope to get my Natural Science class finished by the end of the year and the Probability and Statistics course finished by the end of January 2016.classes.

September College Update


September College Update – I am getting closer to the finish line. Last week I scored an 83% on my Organizational Behavior and Leadership course and today a 95% on the Project Management exam. Next term starts October 1st and I have a lot of events coming up. So I will tackle these last five classes after a well deserved break.


College Update – Algebra Edition


I am now smarter than a 5th grader. If you have been following my College journey you know that math is not my strongest subject. And I have probably spent at least four months working on this Algebra course. Definitely the most challenging thing I have done all year. But I have finally passed my Algebra final. I am so relieved and it feels like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. Now I have just under two months to finish two Management courses for this term. Which will leave just the winter term left before I get my degree from Western Governors University.

Khan Academy


It’s been awhile since I have done a college update. Mainly because of my Algebra class where I literally went back to the basics. I’ve been working my way through the videos and practices at Khan Academy which I highly recommend if you need to learn the Maths. I admit I have been progressing slowly through this course; but combined with the other projects that I am working on, it’s not that bad. Anything worth doing takes times.

Update: Exams for College


Update on College Credit for Exams

About a year ago, I was talking with Veronica Sopher about writing a blog post for Born To Learn. During the conversation, I mentioned that I had never finished college. She then asked a question that would change my life, “Have you looked into whether your certifications would count towards college credits?” Thus began a truly difficult and rewarding journey To read more click here.

Dec – Jan College Update

WGU Indiana

Guess it is time for my semi-monthly college update. What a busy two weeks it has been. On December 23, 2014, I had 15 courses left to complete my degree. I was informed that my degree program was being adjusted. They combined my two Communications courses into a single class and then the same for my two Natural Science courses. Leaving me with only 13 courses left. On December 26th,  I submitted my research paper on Net Neutrality to be graded for my English Composition course and two days later passed with a 92%. Then on December 30th, I discovered that my Finite Mathematics course no longer appeared on my degree plan, apparently it was removed when my program was adjusted earlier in the month.

To finish the month and year off, I passed my JavaScript Programming course with a 97%. Which left me with only 10 courses to complete. Not bad for one week. However, to start the new year, I passed the Geography exam with an 87%. And then on January 8th, I finally convinced the records department that my 15 years as an MCT satisfied my requirements for the Effective Communications course.

Seven classes down in two weeks. Only eight classes to go. I guess I have been putting off the two math classes for long enough. It will probably take a month or so to finish those two courses. But I am so close to the finish.

College Summer Break

WGU Indiana

Not much to update for the past month. Kind of taking a summer break from my college courses, since I have been putting off studying on my Exchange 2013 certification for most of the year. I’m still ahead of pace and will get back to the web design classes once I get some of my studying for work finished. Probably doesn’t hurt to take a small break now and then.