MCT Day – Atlanta 2016

14433125_1264609860223934_5100013779758901729_n What a fun, educational, and entertaining MCT Day. I arrived at the Embassy Suites a few hours early to help set up the projectors and other tech stuff (moving tables). It was so great to see all my old friends and meeting some new friends. The session with Larry Kaye on the future of Microsoft Certifications should have been in a bigger room as it was probably the most packed session of the day. I missed the session on Flipped Classrooms as Tiago Costa and myself were delivering our session on planning events. Overall, it was an exciting day. The after party at Top Golf was top notch and an even greater time hanging out with all my MCT friends. It definitely was an awesome start to Microsoft Ignite week.

September IndyPASS


Being able to write functional SQL queries is a useful skill, of course, but functional is only the first step. An understanding of how SQL Server processes your queries is necessary to ensure that what you are writing is handled quickly and efficiently.
In this session, we will cover the basics of SQL Server storage, clustered and non-clustered indexes, the three main join algorithms, scans versus seeks, and other fundamental concepts behind the processing of Transact-SQL queries.


Microsoft Tech Community

tech This has been rumored for some time, but it now seems that Microsoft’s latest iteration of online community is live. Launched on September 2nd, but in beta testing for months, the Microsoft Tech Community asserts to bring multiple communities together in a central location. Sound familiar? That’s essentially what Microsoft did by ending 5 different conferences and merging them into Microsoft Ignite.

LOD Ignite Badges

14358719_1782951765260045_6779394591045956477_n Learn on Demand Systems is rolling out with a fun new achievement system. The team will be at  Microsoft Ignite  in Atlanta, GA from September 26-30, 2016, where they will be showcasing this great new program. Just some of the badges you can earn include Head in the Cloud, Day Tripper, Houston We Have a Problem, and The Exterminator. For example to earn the Head in the Cloud badge, you have to take 5 different Azure labs. Do you think you have what it takes to earn all the #IgniteAchievements? For a full list of achievements and their requirements, check out 

FREE Plan Explorer


SQL Sentry is introducing the new unified Plan Explorer! This edition includes all features of Plan Explorer PRO, plus two new and incredibly powerful features: Index Analysis and Performance Profiling. These new features were originally going to be part of Plan Explorer ULTIMATE at higher price point. However, they ultimately decided to make all features of Plan Explorer freely available to everyone. That is right FREE!

Microsoft Exam Prep Course

CqjlDoYUkAAbvxx Are you interested in becoming a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)? Getting ready for a Microsoft Certification exam? Then you already know that having the requisite content knowledge is only part of the complete picture. You also need practical, hands-on technology skills and strong test-taking strategies.In this on-demand Microsoft Certification exam prep session quickly ramp up on what you need to know to conquer Microsoft Certifications. Find out what they are, who they’re for, and how to become a better test-taker. Take a look at different kinds of questions and how to be prepared for them. Plus, get details on special deals, pricing, and registration, along with next steps in your Microsoft Certification journey.

24 Hours of PASS 2016

24 Well it looks like I will be moderating session 16 for the 24 Hours of PASS: Summit Preview 2016 that takes place September 7–8, featuring 24 consecutive one-hour webinars from upcoming PASS Summit 2016 speakers. Whether you have attended Summit before, or are a newcomer who needs to convince your boss, these previews give you a taste of the great content and expert speakers that will be on offer at Summit this year. Best of all, Summit Preview is free thanks to the support of our generous sponsors.

Indy SQL Saturday 2016

finalsqlsatindy That’s a wrap for SQL Saturday Indianapolis 2016. We had record breaking attendance and a great day of excellent training sessions. Thank you again to all the sponsors, speakers, volunteers and of course all the attendees for supporting our most awesome community event. Lessons learned, we will definitely have a bigger room for the #SQLStarter track. They were definitely our biggest sessions and hopefully will be added to other SQL Saturday events. (My session on SQL Certifications was so nice, I ended up doing it twice.) I think our biggest mistake is that we ran out of coffee about an hour before lunch and we almost had a revolt. Fortunately, the caterers arrived just in the nick of time. I hope to see everyone again next year.

SQL Saturday #531

agu6 Had a great time at the SQL Saturday in Louisville, KY. I always enjoy this one because it is only a two hour drive and I get to see the southern contingent of the #sqlfamily. I delivered my presentation on The PROCESS of Queries which seems to have become my most popular session. You can download the demo scripts and powerpoint presentation here or as always watch the abbreviated video version here.  Really enjoyed the great reviews and even picked up some tweets during the session.


Database Engine Rankings

dbengines Whenever I am teaching a database class it seems I always get the question of what is the most popular Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). I always refer to the DB-Engine Ranking monthly trend website. The problem is I keep forgetting where the website is located. So for myself and for my students I am putting a link here. So I have it as a quick resource. As you can see, Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server lead the group by a wide margin. With 14 of the top 25, RDBMS still seems to be the ruler of databases.

Subject Expert at Ignite

Capture  Very excited and honored to be once again working at the Microsoft Ignite conference. It is always a fun time and an incredible learning opportunity. Be sure to stop by and see me as Microsoft Ignite is again bringing certification and training resources to “Certification Central”. You’ll find exam prep sessions, a study hall full of learning resources, and an onsite testing center managed by the Microsoft Learning team. During the conference week, all Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exams will be offered at a 50% discount exclusively for Microsoft Ignite attendees, and all practice tests will be free to attendees who activate them in the study hall. Exam appointments will be available Monday through Friday and pre-registration will open in July 2016.