SQL Saturday Pittsburgh

Made a quick stop at SQL Saturday Pittsburgh to deliver my presentation on getting SQL Certified. The room I was supposed to present in had people taking exams and I was moved to the cafeteria. Which was a good thing because I don’t think we would have had enought seats in the orginial room. Great crowd and a lot of great questions.

Goodbye Ignite

 Last day at Microsoft Ignite. It was so much fun even though I can no longer feel my feet. I probably talked to a thousand people at Certification Central helping them on what exams or certification to take. It was great to meet with friends old and new and I even had a few of my students stop by and visit. While there is always a lot to learn at these events, the greatest take away is always the networking. You never know where the next opportunity will be coming from and who will be the person that provides it. They have announced that Ignite will be returning to Orlando next year, during the last week of September. I have already registered and have my hotel room booked. Goodbye Ignite and I will see everyone next year.

Universal Studios

Closing party for Ignite and Microsoft rented out Universal Studios just for me and 25,000 of my closest friends. Just remember that to get to the Marvel comics you need to take a left turn at Daigon Alley and a right turn at Jurrasic Park. Watch out for the dinosaurs though.

Howling at Ignite

 Checked in for Microsoft Ignite. Going to some MVP day sessions on Data & AI, but might sneak over to the Azure group in the afternoon. Later tonigh8-11t, I will be at Howl at the Moon for the MVP Party from 5-7. Then from 8-11, The Krewe will take over at the same place for the annual Meet-n-Greet. Two awesome parties, one great location.

MCT Day 2017

 So much fun catching up with the MCT family today. Started off with a great lunch and ended the night with a great party at Margaritaville. It is always exciting to see the passion for teaching and learning in the trainer community. This is a must attend event for me every year.

Farewell Cassini

After two decades in space, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is nearing the end of its journey of exploration. Today, the spacecraft will make its final approach to the giant planet Saturn and will dive into the planet’s atmosphere, sending science data for as long as its small thrusters can keep the spacecraft’s antenna pointed at Earth. Soon after, Cassini will burn up and disintegrate like a meteor. Read more here.

Data Visualization Exams

 Today I finsished taking the two Data Vizualization BETA exams. Together these two exams will earn an MCSA on Business Intelligence Reporting. I can see a high demand for teaching these two courses. Definitely an area that not many people currently teach as PowerBI is only two years old. It will be interesting to see how well I did. If you watch the corresponding edx.org courses, you should do fine. Compared to other MCP exams, these are very straight forward. My one tip is to study DAX functions.

778: Data Visualization with PowerBI
779: Data Visualization with Excel