SQL Hall of Shame

The other day a twitter discussion between Adam Machanic, Brent Ozar, and Klaus Aschenbrenner arose about the most useless features is SQL Server. Which if you know the #SQLFamily turned into a full fledged twitter debate. Adam followed up with a excellent blog post on the features that belong in the SQL Server Hall of Shame. To be honest, I had forgotten some of these even existed and some only because I have had to teach them. Still it was a very fun debate that day.

Currently Reading #17

 A lot of great baseball books coming out this summer. I have several on my reading list. I won’t say I have been a Cubs fan all my life, but I can claim to bleed Cubbie blue for at least the last 35 years. I was awake for the last out of the World Series last year and there has never been another moment in sports that has filled me with such pure emotion. The greatest baseball story of all time told by one its best sportwriters. I will be re-reading this book for many years to come. (GoodReads review.)

Cheaters Beware

Great post! Seriously, don’t cheat on exams. And I’m definitely one of the last people you should tell. I worked very hard to earn my certifications and don’t want to see them watered down by paper MCSEs. You still have to get through the interview process and then actually do the job. So it is probably a good idea to learn the information in the first place. </rant>

Monuments For All

Happy 111th anniversary Antiquities Act. I try to avoid political blog posts, especially in today’s heated environment. But ever since I was a boy scout many, many years ago, I have had a love of our country and the beautiful landmarks that are a part of our heritage. It is our duty to future generations, to preserve lands and national monuments that tell our shared history of America. http://monumentsforall.org/

Docker and Containers

One of the important new features in Windows Server 2016 is the option to deploy containers. By deploying containers, you can provide an isolated environment for applications. You can deploy multiple containers on single physical server or virtual server, and each container provides a complete operating environment for installed applications. Additionally, you can manage containers by using the open source Docker platform. Here is a great blog post that walks through using Docker Containers with Windows Server 2016 

My Server Admin Book

I’m teaching the 20740B Server 2016 Administration course today and as I was reviewing the material,  I remembered the book I started about two years ago. Due to artistic differences with the publisher, the book project never made it past the second chapter. However, I thought since I put in the work, I might has well share what I did get written. Maybe sometime down the road I will finish this project and self-publish a book. You just never know what might happen down the road.

MBA: Second Term

Time to start my second term for my MBA:IT at Western Governor’s University. I’ve actually been reading ahead on the Global Economics, but there is a lot of material. I’m hoping to have that exam passed by the end of June. I have not even looked at the Accounting course. But I am pretty sure there is going to be math… and we are not friends.

Currently Reading #15

 An actual novel for a change… Kind of. It is a novel of the Korean War from Jeff Shaara. First, I am a huge fan of Jeff Shaara and his father, Michael wrote one of my favorite novels on Gettysburg and the Civil War, “The Killer Angels”. Second, I have never really researched the Korean War before, so this will be a nice change of pace on two fronts. Here is the GoodReads Review. The master of military historical fiction turns his discerning eye to the Korean War in this riveting new novel, which tells the dramatic story of the Americans and the Chinese who squared off in one of the deadliest campaigns in the annals of combat: the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, also known as Frozen Chosin.

Currently Reading #14

 When Jefferson Davis became president of the Confederacy, his wife, Varina Howell Davis, reluctantly became the First Lady. For this highly intelligent, acutely observant woman, loyalty did not come easily: she spent long years struggling to reconcile her societal duties to her personal beliefs. During the war she nursed Union prisoners and secretly corresponded with friends in the North. Though she publicly supported the South, her term as First Lady was plagued by rumors of her disaffection. (Review from GoodReads.)