The Math of Machine Learning

 If you know much about me, you know I struggle with mathematics. I am more of a history and science person. However, I do try to work on my math skills when I am able, especially when it comes to Machine Learning. So I was excited to find this blog post on the math behind machine learning algorithms and some links on learning those algorithms. The author lists what he believes is the minimum math knowledge needed for Machine Learning. And again, if you know me, learning the minimum amount of math sounds good.

Cloud Tech Summit – Chicago

I am very excited to be helping others learn new technologies and asisst them in earning new certifications. On January 19, 2017, I will be delivering two exam prep session at the Microsoft Tech Summit in Chicago. The first is for the 70-473: Cloud Data Platform exam and the second session is for the 70-475: Big Data and Analytics Solutions. Click on the appropriate link if you would like to download the powerpoint presentations.

During the session I focus on Microsoft websites, however, if you have a Pluralsight account I would recommend the following video sessions to study for the exams. For the 70-473 exam: SQL Azure by Scott Seely, SQL Server 2016 New Features by Leonard Lobel, Implement Storage for Azure by Tim Warner, and Practical SQL Server HA/DR by Russ Thomas. For the 70-475 exam: Start with the 70-473 videos and then add Applying the Lambda Architecture by Ahmad Alkilani, HDInsight Deep Dive with Elton Stoneman, and Real World Big Data in Azure by Elton Stoneman.

Data Science Program Enrollment

Opportunities for data scientists are rapidly growing in response to the exponential amounts of data being captured and analyzed. Companies hire data scientists to find insights and to solve meaningful business problems. Get the real-world knowledge and hands-on experience that can help you succeed in one of these new jobs. Prove that you have what it takes in the Microsoft Professional Program.Enrollment for the next Data Science Program starts on December 16th.