SQL Hall of Shame

The other day a twitter discussion between Adam Machanic, Brent Ozar, and Klaus Aschenbrenner arose about the most useless features is SQL Server. Which if you know the #SQLFamily turned into a full fledged twitter debate. Adam followed up with a excellent blog post on the features that belong in the SQL Server Hall of Shame. To be honest, I had forgotten some of these even existed and some only because I have had to teach them. Still it was a very fun debate that day.

Get Certified on SQL Server

T-SQL Tuesday #89 – The times they are a-changing

Thank you to Koen Verbeeck for hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday. The topic for this month is the role of the DBA in a cloud based world. Will there be less jobs in the future for the traditional DBA? As with most questions in the data world… It depends. We currently live in the age of disruption where you must adapt to change or fade away. That has always been true in the technology world. I am sure there are still Cobal and Fortran developers out there, but would I base my career on those languages? That is why it is always important to future proof your career. One way to build the skills needed to compete in this cloud first, mobile first world is to get Microsoft Certified on SQL Server. Microsoft has recently streamlined their certifications and have geared many of them towards Azure based technologies. The 70-765 and 70-473 exams are specifically geared towards working with SQL in Azure. I have spoken at several user groups and SQL Saturdays on how to get SQL Server certified, but if you would like to see an overview click here.  Feel free to contact me with any questions and I will be happy to guide you on the path that is right for you.

Nashville #581

 It is a very cold and rainy day for the first SQL Saturday of 2017. Nashville is one of the events I attend every year as there are many members of the #SQLFamily that also attend. I am getting to do two sessions this year. First up at 8:30 am is my presentation on “The PROCESS of Queries”. This is the one I have been requested to present the most often. It is a very beginner level into how queries are optimized and how this effects batches, transactions, and errors. The second session will be at 1:30 pm and is a brand new presentation for a SQL Saturday, “The Basics of Data Manipulation”. This is from one of my favorite chapters from the T-SQL courses that I teach and I am really excited to put it into a one hour session format.

Exam Passed – 473

 Well, that was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I was able to pass the 70-473 exam for the Cloud Data Platform Specialist certification.  The first place to start if you are interested in passing this exam is Microsoft Virtual Academy. It has a great overview of the exam topics with some demonstrations. Next, spend some time with the Azure Documentation to walk through some very excellent tutorials.

Security and SQL Azure

I was doing some research on Security and SQL Azure Databases and found this great article form Joseph D’Antoni (Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting) and Stacia Varga (Data Inspirations) that I highly recommend. The summary states, “This paper details the security and data management features found in Microsoft Azure SQL Database. It first describes the security foundation provided by Microsoft Azure and then explains the techniques and features used to manage data access in SQL Database; to log and monitor database activity; to protect data at rest and in transit; and to build secure applications. By understanding and using these features correctly, you can remain confident that your data in the cloud is protected.”

Big Data Challenge

4cc185686a079d35c724b7bb83a6667fI completed the Know It, Prove It challenge and earned the Microsoft Virtual Academy Big Data badge. Whether you’re a Developer, Data Pro, or student, you can learn valuable skills quickly and correctly through video tutorials, assessments, and more. From now until December 14th you too can choose from one of three learning challenges that takes less than 12 hours to complete. Sign up now!

SQL Service Pack released

sp1 Just six months after SQL Server 2016 was released on June 1, 2016, the product has received its very first Service Pack from Microsoft. This Service Pack also contains fixes released in the first three Cumulative Updates. Click here to find a list of all the new features and capabilities. However, I think the biggest announcement to come out of this release is that all the features that were once only found in Enterprise Edition is now available in all editions. Here is a great post by Victor Isakov that discusses this unprecedented move by Microsoft.

SQL Server on Linux

sql-server_thumb Today, Microsoft announced the public preview of the next release of SQL Server on Linux and Windows, which brings the power of SQL Server to Linux for the first time ever. But the love fest doesn’t stop there. The Linux Foundation announced today that Microsoft has joined the organization as a Platinum member during Microsoft’s developer event in New York. Want to learn how to get started? The Microsoft Mechanics demonstrates SQL Server on Linux, including how you can: download and install SQL Server on a Linux Virtual Machine; run your SQL Server-based apps inside of Docker containers and improve the performance of your applications using powerful features such as Column Store in SQL Server.

IndyPASS November

15027705_1316663855018534_372375365204117190_n Tomorrow night we have Peter Shore presenting an Introduction to Infrastructure for the DBA. It doesn’t matter if you are a Junior DBA, an accidental DBA or all the way up to a Senior DBA, the infrastructure your SQL Server environment runs on is important.  Many among the DBA community came in as developers or perhaps directly into database administration roles it is equally possible that you have been out of the operations world long enough to have fallen out of the loop with what is happening.  This session is intended to provide a full stack infrastructure overview so that you can talk shop with your cohorts in operations to resolve issues and maybe even be proactive.  We will discuss, in an introductory fashion, hardware, network, storage, virtualization and operating system layers.  Additionally, some suggestions as to where to find more information will be provided.

MVP Summit 2016

15027402_1308799452471641_3949078490960710061_n I am so thrilled to be attending my first MVP Summit. I would love to say more about it, but there are signs everywhere reminding everyone about violating their Non-Disclosure Agreement. I think it is alright to mention that since I am a Data Platform MVP, I may have learned some stuff about SQL Server, PowerBI, and Linux. (I will let you figure that last one out on your own.) Anyway, at the Monday Night Welcome Reception all the MVPs from the United States got together for a group photo and we all sang the National Anthem. If you are trying to find me, I am on the left staircase right behid the brown column.