2014 MCT Summit

The 2014 North America MCT Summit will be held in Bellevue, WA the week of September 15th. The event is put together by the MCT…

Gift from Students

So I am teaching a private three week Server 2012 class in Atlanta. My students found this Windows 98 book in the bargain bin of a local book store for only 10 cents….

MCT Training Tools

A couple of changes have been made to MCT Central to improve MCTs finding the resources you need as a trainer.  There is a new…

Confessions of an MCT

Guess who is a guest blogger on the Born to Learn Blog: Confessions of a Microsoft Certified Trainer: Why I Teach

MCT Day – May 10, 2014

Registrations starts today for MCT Day! This event is Free and open to all MCT’s enrolled in the active or alumni program, and Microsoft LeX…