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I now have three videos or 32 video segments on Learning T-SQL over at Apress Publishing. A fourth video will be published later this month.

The first video is on Writing T-SQL Statements and provides you with the knowledge to write SELECT statements to retrieve data from a SQL Server database. The video begins with an explanation of fields and records, followed by the anatomy of a SELECT statement. It continues with how to use a WHERE clause to filter specific records into the result set. Since a field can store various data types, the filter section shows how to work with those data types. Finally, there is coverage of how to sort and order a result set

The second video in the series is Using T-SQL Functions and Summarizing Results and enhances your SELECT statements by invoking a vast library of built-in features and capabilities that SQL Server exposes in the form of functions. This video shows how these functions enable data type conversions, null detections, date and number formatting, and much more. Also available are functions helping you to analyze data in the database itself. These functions enable you to summarize data to count occurrences compute averages and generate statistics.

The third video, Selecting Data From Multiple Tables, extends your SELECT statements to retrieve data simultaneously from multiple tables in a SQL Server database. This video covers these joins and shows how they are fundamental to getting maximum value from any relational database engine. It is impossible to write professional-level queries without a solid grounding in joins.

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