Dec – Jan College Update

Guess it is time for my semi-monthly college update. What a busy two weeks it has been. On December 23, 2014, I had 15 courses left to complete my degree. I was informed that my degree program was being adjusted. They combined my two Communications courses into a single class and then the same for my two Natural Science courses. Leaving me with only 13 courses left. On December 26th,  I submitted my research paper on Net Neutrality to be graded for my English Composition course and two days later passed with a 92%. Then on December 30th, I discovered that my Finite Mathematics course no longer appeared on my degree plan, apparently it was removed when my program was adjusted earlier in the month.

To finish the month and year off, I passed my JavaScript Programming course with a 97%. Which left me with only 10 courses to complete. Not bad for one week. However, to start the new year, I passed the Geography exam with an 87%. And then on January 8th, I finally convinced the records department that my 15 years as an MCT satisfied my requirements for the Effective Communications course.

Seven classes down in two weeks. Only eight classes to go. I guess I have been putting off the two math classes for long enough. It will probably take a month or so to finish those two courses. But I am so close to the finish.

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