November College Update

Finally had a week to finish up some of my College courses. Decided to work on my Technical Writing course and Capstone Project.  The Technical Writing course was to submit a proposal and outline the planning phases of my Capstone Project. The purpose of the project was to upgrade an Exchange Server 2003 messaging environment to an Exchange Server 2010 infrastructure. I also created a PowerShell script to automate the process of mailbox management. The Capstone phase was to actually complete the project and modify the original proposal to outline the finished product. I was able to finish and pass both of these during the last week.

In addition, I was also able to take my Principles of Management exam, which I scored an 83%. So I am now down to my final two courses. I have a couple of work related projects over the next month, but hope to get my Natural Science class finished by the end of the year and the Probability and Statistics course finished by the end of January 2016.

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