Fall Tour 2017

Finished scheduling travel plans for the next two months and am very excited. I will check Wyoming and South Dakota off my bucket list, as well as Mount Rushmore. I will be making a stop in 15 cities. Two SQL Saturdays, A project in Chicago, Microsoft Ignite, and then PASS Summit. And at some point I need finish my Accounting class. Might even pull off one or two Microsoft Certifications along the way.

EDIT: Just added a week teaching SQL in Omaha to the travel schedule. So that would be 16 cities in a 7 week period

Northwest Train Trip

 Well I did it. 58 hours on a train from Indianapolis to Seattle. So I can scratch that off the bucket list. It is amazing to think this is how we traveled before airplanes only 60-70- years ago. I was able to go through Wisconsin, North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho which were states I had never visited. So I only have 8 states left on my list. I did promise some of my students pictures, so here they are the photos that came out pretty decent. It is a little difficult to take pictures on a speeding train.