Fall Tour 2017

Finished scheduling travel plans for the next two months and am very excited. I will check Wyoming and South Dakota off my bucket list, as well as Mount Rushmore. I will be making a stop in 15 cities. Two SQL Saturdays, A project in Chicago, Microsoft Ignite, and then PASS Summit. And at some point I need finish my Accounting class. Might even pull off one or two Microsoft Certifications along the way.

EDIT: Just added a week teaching SQL in Omaha to the travel schedule. So that would be 16 cities in a 7 week period

Passed Economics

 Well look at that. I am a competent manager when it comes to Global Economics. I’ll be honest it was more difficult than I was expecting. But I passed and now it is on to the Accounting course. Now that should be some exciting reading.

SQL Hall of Shame

The other day a twitter discussion between Adam Machanic, Brent Ozar, and Klaus Aschenbrenner arose about the most useless features is SQL Server. Which if you know the #SQLFamily turned into a full fledged twitter debate. Adam followed up with a excellent blog post on the features that belong in the SQL Server Hall of Shame. To be honest, I had forgotten some of these even existed and some only because I have had to teach them. Still it was a very fun debate that day.

Cheaters Beware

Great post! Seriously, don’t cheat on exams. And I’m definitely one of the last people you should tell. I worked very hard to earn my certifications and don’t want to see them watered down by paper MCSEs. You still have to get through the interview process and then actually do the job. So it is probably a good idea to learn the information in the first place. </rant>