MCT Day 2017

 So much fun catching up with the MCT family today. Started off with a great lunch and ended the night with a great party at Margaritaville. It is always exciting to see the passion for teaching and learning in the trainer community. This is a must attend event for me every year.

MCT – Year 17

Starting my 17th year as an MCT and my how things have changed. My first class as an official MCT was the MCSE track for Windows Server NT4. I had six students that would meet every weekend for six months. I believe five of the six did earn their MCSE. Thousands and thousands of students latter, I rarely have a student in the classroom as I teach the majority of my courses online with students from around the world. Recently, I had a SQL Server course with students from California to India. That is a difference of 13 time zones. I will admit there are a few topics that I get tired of teaching. But whenever a student gets interested and starts asking questions, I get re-energized and remember why I love this profession so much. I really do have a passion for learning.

Train Trip to Seattle

So I was planing my trip to the MCT Summit which is in Bellevue, Washington from March 28 -30, 2017. I was originally going to fly to Phoenix and speak at a SQL Saturday. But instead, I figured I would take the scenic route on a train trip through the Northwest. A little more relaxed journey and I get to see four states I have never visited.

MCT RL Summit 2016

mctrlSwitching gears, hotels, and summits. It looks like about 45 of the 100 MCT Regional Leads showed up to the summit this year. Always a great time to see my friends from around the world. I can’t believe they seriously make fun of my Indiana accent. So far we have discussed the new streamlined certifications which I have blogged about previously. We have also talked about the 27 new courses coming out for Windows Server 2016,  SQL Server 2016 and Exchange Server 2016. I am going to be very busy reading all those books and gearing up to deliver those classes. But I look forward to an exciting and challenging 2017 teaching my favorite topics.

MCT Day – Atlanta 2016

14433125_1264609860223934_5100013779758901729_n What a fun, educational, and entertaining MCT Day. I arrived at the Embassy Suites a few hours early to help set up the projectors and other tech stuff (moving tables). It was so great to see all my old friends and meeting some new friends. The session with Larry Kaye on the future of Microsoft Certifications should have been in a bigger room as it was probably the most packed session of the day. I missed the session on Flipped Classrooms as Tiago Costa and myself were delivering our session on planning events. Overall, it was an exciting day. The after party at Top Golf was top notch and an even greater time hanging out with all my MCT friends. It definitely was an awesome start to Microsoft Ignite week.

MCT Day Announced

MCTAtlanta2 For the third year, I am not only helping to organize the MCT Day event at Microsoft Ignite, but I have once again helped create the logo which is being seen here first. For my MCT friends, save the date. More information is coming soon. .

Class Distribution

12yearsclasses I could only go back 12 years, but I was curious what percentage of my students took each of my classes. If I could have included 2000-2003, I am sure there would have been a little more Visual Basic. I think the Office classes are over-represented since those were only 1 day classes, while the other courses were typically 5 days. I believe in my Statistics course that would be called a lurking variable.

March 2016 MCT Update

MCTstatsIt is time for a long overdue MCT update. First of all you may noticed that we are now just under 10,000 active Microsoft Certified Trainers out there in the world. Click here if you would like to see the breakdown by country. . Next up, the new Microsoft Official Curriculum updates were just released with at least 20 new or updated courses being released, I have the breakdown here and provide some additional notes on how this relates to exams.Which brings us to something we have been waiting years to see, a new Learning Download Center for all your MCT materials. Finally, I was recently asked to look up offers available for MCTs and found this great list of free or discounted software. 

MCT Summit

1mctPartyWhat another great week getting together with my fellow MCTs. The first three days were spent picking up presentations tips and tricks. There were also many sessions covering a variety of technical skills (Including of course my two sessions on SQL Server coding.) The last two days was for the Regional Lead Summit which also had a great turn out. I am so excited about the upcoming year for not only the MCT community, but also everything that will be occurring for the Microsoft Certification Program. If you missed it or just want to see a group of highly dedicated professionals here is the MCT Summit in Pictures.

Speaking at the MCT Summit

mctsummit3Once again I am fortunate enough to be speaking at the MCT Summit. I will have two sessions, the first is on Monday at 12:45pm. This session will be focusing on SQL Server Data Types. The differences between character data types, working with implicit vs. explicit conversions, and using conversion functions. Be sure not to miss it. As always,  I have uploaded my presentation here. Some helpful links.

One Month until MCT Summit

seattle-town2logoMCT events are your best opportunity to interact with your peers. Come learn a new technical skill, how to teach a specific course or technology, or how to become a better trainer.

Please join us Monday – Wednesday 28-30 September in Bellevue, WA for the fifth annual community-driven North America MCT summit. This year’s summit is a collaborative effort between the summit planning team and Microsoft Learning (LeX).

The theme of this year’s event is “More”: We have more of everything planned:  More sessions, more interaction with LeX team members, more social events, and more surprises. This is a great opportunity to learn about the future of the MCT program, express your opinions (and offer constructive suggestions) to the LeX team members. This is your community. Come be a part of it!